EPUR Company products: wastewater treatment technology description
Wastewater treatment    For treating wastewater, we offer aerobic microbiological treatment using a submerged fixed bacterial bed.
The process is based on 30 years of experience and references, and is positioned as the leader on the European market
With more than 60000 references, EPUR Company is market leader in Europe for its technology.
    The biomass establishes itself in the reactor on a fixed support enabling selection of an effective bacterial flora, i.e. capable of digesting the biodegradable polluting load optimally.

The support’s specific surface area of 100 m²/m³ minimum in accordance with EN 12255-7, as well as its geometry, enables very good adherence of the biofilm, well distributed and homogenous oxygenation and zero risk of clogging.      

    Depending on the size of the plant, the configuration of the reactors enables the selection of a bacterial fauna suitable for the type and the polluting load.

The main special feature of our reactors is that they produce a particularly low volume of wastewater sludge, clearly less than others systems such as activated sludge systems.

The five treatment stages for compliant wastewater treatment

All our products respect the five stages to get an optimal and complete wastewater treatment:
Pretreatment which includes:
- stage 1: primary settling
- stage 2: grease removal
- stage 3: 
anaerobic digester

Stage 4: biological treatment
- aerobic biological reactor

Stage 5: final settling



Our commercial names

Commercial names      Countries concerned      Description of the product
 BIO+    Belgium    Standard product
 BIOPUR    Belgium + export    Standard product
 EPURO    Belgium    Standard product
 BIOPLAST    Belgium + export    Standard product
 BIOKIT    Export    Customized product
 BIOFRANCE    France + export    Standard product