Our company's specialization is the biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater.
We are active both on the national and export markets.

We have developed various ranges of products and we meet the different regional or national requirements:

Standard range of products for the French domestic market
    • BIOFRANCE® range (fiber concrete tanks)

• BIOFRANCE® Roto range (polyethylene tanks)

• BIOFRANCE® Plast range (polypropylene tanks)

EPUR has developed a range of products specifically adapted to French requirements and commercialized through the market name BIOFRANCE®.

This range is available:

- With fiber concrete tanks: range BIOFRANCE® from 4 up to 2000 PTE;

- With PE tanks: range BIOFRANCE® Roto from 6 up to 50 PTE;

- With PPh tanks: range BIOFRANCE® Plast from 5 up to 2000 PTE.           


              BIOFRANCE range           BIOFRANCE Roto range           BIOFRANCE Plast range
               Concrete fiber tanks            Polyethylene (PE) tanks            Polyproplylene (PPh) tanks
               National agreements up to 20 PTE
 Models available up to 2000 PTE
           National agreements upt to 20 PTE
Models available up to 50 PTE
           National agreements upt to 20 PTE
Models available up to 2000 PTE

Please consult our Website www.epur-biofrance.fr dedicated to these French market products


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