Founded in 1996, EPUR Company is specialized in domestic wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.
At first, Epur worked in partnership with a German company specialized in this sector up to take its technical and commercial autonomy.
Today EPUR Company operates overseas and in many countries around the world, even in Oceania.


Development following environmental issues:
 Since 1998   EPUR quickly became a key player in WWTP in Belgium 
 In 2002  First Company to get Belgian approvals 
 In 2005  Moving on its new production site to Grace-Hollogne 
 In 2007  First agreements to sell its products in the Caribbean Sea
 In 2010  First foreign Company to get French national approvals for its products range BIOFRANCE®
 Launch of the plastic tanks range BIOPUR® Roto
 In 2011  Launch of the fiber concrete range
 In 2014  First Company to get new approvals of the public service of Wallonia
 Today  EPUR Company has the largest products ranges for the Belgian and French markets and large export
 Range from 4 PTE up to EH 2000 PTE, in concrete and plastic tanks.

Business philosophy

The EPUR Company guideline is the interest of the final user.

  When it designs a product, EPUR Company always place the interest of the final user at the center of its thinking.
All our products are designed to reduce the desludging frequency and their conception allows the easy-replacement of all spare parts, even submerged, without desludging.


Epur - Zone industrielle Bonne Fortune 1 - Rue de la Bureautique - 4460 Grâce-Hollogne - Belgique - T.: +32 4 220 52 30 - F.: +32 4 221 20 63 - VAT: BE 0457.385.880
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