All individual WWTP available on the market do not offer the same guarantees:
- On sustainability of structures topics;
- On ease of maintenance topics;
- On sampling facility topics;
- On costs for the use and maintenance topics.

All our ranges of individual WWTP are designed to ensure product durability and reduced costs for the use and maintenance.

During your product selection, here are 6 selection criteria that allow the durability of your investment and the reduction of maintenance costs:

Sufficient pretreatment volume
Reduces desludging frequency
No seal under water level
Ensure the sustainability of the water tightness
 Monolith tank partitions
Water tightness guarantee
 Replacement of the aerators with identical ones
Without desludging
Through manhole
EPUR patents
Dual output air pump (exclusive EPUR)
Fully preset, audible alarm,
Low noise (< 37dBa), dual filtration
Fixed bed chain-link wide free openings
specific surface area of 100 m²/m³
in accordance with NBN EN 12255-7
optimized performances
Trained and qualified technicians
Training center
Expertise in maintenance and servicing


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