Maintenance department for wastewater plants

All wastewater treatment plants must have a minimum of maintenance as following:
- a periodic desludging;
- a periodic controlling of the process of treatment.



In Wallonia (Belgium)

The maintenance contract is now mandatory since January 1st, 2017.
Minimum equipment care requirements and intervention frequency depending the size of the WWTP are now request as follow:
- One intervention every 18 months for WWTP up to 20 PTE
- One intervention every 9 months for WWTP between 21 and 99 PTE
- One intervention every 4 months for WWTP of 100 PTE and more

Please visit the dedicated Websites:



1) The periodic desludging

The desludging must be done by licensed emptier and the desludging frequency is related to the number of occupants and their lifestyles.

Our statistics show an average desludging reference frequency as following:
- 4 years for wastewater treatment plants up to 5 PTE;
- 2 years for small collective wastewater treatment plants under of equal to 20 PTE;
- 1 year for collective wastewater treatment plants higher than 20 PTE.

Please find your licensed emptier by following the links below: 



2) The periodic control of the process of treatment

It is necessary to perform periodic maintenance and a check of the operating parameters of the processing device. 
This service will be done by: 
- an EPUR technician (in Belgium and areas bordering; please contact us for further information); 
- an outside service provider, trained by our services and who signed our Quality Maintenance Charter. 

Which service will your technician perform on your wastewater treatment ? 

To guarantee the long-lasting of the performance and the equipment of your wastewater treatment plant, a maintenance service of good quality must be done and made by regularly trained technicians. 

All our technicians follow specific and appropriate training courses.
They undertake to maintain the wastewater treatment plants EPUR in accordance with our instructions and technical requirements. 
They have the most suitable equipment to maintain the wastewater treatment plants.


Please don't hesitate to check the accreditation of the technician. 
They all have a nominative accreditation card, which has a limited term.




Here is a list of the main services made by the accreditate technician to ensure quality service (non-exhaustive list): 
- Functional control of the air pump and replacement of its spare parts ; 
- Measurements of pressures; 
- Functional control of the aerator; 
- Check the water tightness of the pipes; 
- Check for the oxygen content of the wastewater; 
- Check the volume of secondary sludge and possible adjustment
- Check the precise height of the sludge in the storage compartment
Checking the charge levels of degreaser and decantation and advice for possible desludging; 
- Various observations and update of the service report. 

For Wallonie, an on-site analysis of the COD is compulsory
Our teams have mobile analysis equipment adapted to perform this analysis on site during the maintenance service. The costs of this analysis are generally included in the standard amount of the maintenance contract.

Do you want a maintenance proposal? Please, contact us. 


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